Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wintertime Fun!

This has certainly been an eventful winter in PA. We've had record snowfall, but that doesn't mean there isn't anything fun to do - inside and out...

For me, just because it's winter, it doesn't mean I have to shut the grill off.
How 'bout a little bacon-wrapped shrimp on the barbi?
This was the highlight of the NFL playoff party as my Birds didn't show up for the game.
January is also PA Farm Show time in Harrisburg.
I hadn't been in years, and I thought Addy would enjoy it. She did.

"What does a cow say, Addy? That's right! Moooo"

How did this chicken not get first place?
Look at that 'fro!

Cheesin' with Daddy

Back indoors, Amanda and Brad occasionally will put the cushions on the ground and have movie night, complete with popcorn, Sour Patch Kids, and Twizzlers.

Also, inside we can paint toenails...a first for Addison!

Blow them dry...
The best part was Amanda, in her best asian accent saying,
"You pick color! You pick color!"
Just preparing Addy for the real thing...

The finished product

Here Addy poses with her new dress from Aunt Martha.
"Thank you, Aunt Martha!"
Back Outside We Go...

Brad took Addison to Long's Park to feed the water fowl, which apparently is against the rules now.
This would be Addy running away from...

...this guy, who dropped in to get his share of the bread, scaring all the ducks and geese (and Addisons) away.
Inside we go... dance with the new tutu from Rocky!
Addy loves that tutu!

February brings Grandpa Denny's (or Papa's) birthday.
Addy was excited to give Papa his gift.

Eying up that cake...

A picture of the picture taker, Uncle Jim.
As was mentioned earlier, we had record snowfall in February, starting with an 18 incher on the 6th. Back outside we go...

This was a drift right in front of the house.
26 inches.

This is the rest of the drift, as it kinda' swirled around the house.
I thought this was cool, but then again, I can be a big dork too.

Trying to dig out the cars. That took a while.
That would be the neighbor's car, and the Pilot behind it.

A look at the accumulation out back.
What a mess.

I thought this was cool too - how the snow kinda' just leeeaaaned to the right.
We weren't done. Just three days later, we got another 15 inches.
We took Addy out to play this time.

Takin' a picture with Mommy.

And playing in neighbor Megan's snowbank.

A bit of the aftermath, hours of shoveling and a day later.
That is a four foot pile of snow to the left.

The front sidewalk 'canyon'.
That would be an 8 foot pile of snow in the front yard.
I cleaned it up pretty good, if I must say so myself.
Back inside for more indoor winter fun...
. potty training!
This is one of those pictures that everyone of Addy's boyfriends will see.

...and Duck Hunt!
Addison loves this game, she thinks it's funny when the dog laughs at her.
Note: this doesn't work on the LCD TV. I don't get it.
Does the gun sense a reflection? Anyone?
Back outside for some sledding at Long's Park...
"Here we gooooo!"


All by herself too!
So, Addison (and Amanda & Brad) are ready for summer.
Addy got a new bathing suit, and couldn't wait to try it on.
We thought it would make a cute picture if we sat her in the snow really quick.
And Addy wasn't a big fan of that idea. Oh well.
Stay tuned for some baby #2 pics!


Bekah and Jim said...

Cute Cute Cute!!!! That Addy is seriously the cutest!! I love her cheeses! How do you get her to stand still long enough!?!

Rita said...

ok.. that picture of Addy onthe toilet it probably the cutest one I have ever seen! Those boy friends will go crazy.