Sunday, March 7, 2010

Baby #2!

As most everyone know by now, we are expecting baby number two. Amanda is due in June.
We recently found out it's another girl, and we couldn't be happier. Addison has been such a blast, why change it up?
Amanda will be 6 months along soon.
She thinks she looks more like 8.
She's nuts, right?
.And here she is!
She looks like she has a headache.
Here's her little hand.
Her fingers were moving up and down, like she was waving at us.
While taking a look, the doctor said "Let's take some 3-D pictures for you to take home."
Eventhough she still looks like a little alien, it was so neat to see her face.
This is how Amanda told me she was pregnant.
She showed me this shirt she bought for Addy.
Too cute.

Addison is very excited to be a big sister.
When the doctor at the ultrasound asked Addy what the baby's name was, Addy said "Healthy".
That's because when we say prayers, we say "Bless baby to be healthy."
She's gonna' make a great big sister.


Bekah and Jim said...

Congrats Amanda!! You look AMAZING! I'm glad you'll be having another girl for Addy. She's going to have SO much fun as a big sis!!

Shalane said...

Seriously Amanda, we are due at about the same time and I am like twice as big as you! But we just found out we are having another girl too, fun!

Yuri said...

Addy is so cute. "Healthy" doesn't sound like a bad name.