Sunday, April 13, 2008

Addy's 1st Phil-er...Cubs-er...Phillies Game

Daddy pulls for the Phillies (because my Orioles stink) and Mommy roots for the Cubs. What's a girl to do?

The view was great.

Nice face, Daddy. Front row was nice.
Phillies won 5-3. Manda could still smile about it.

Amanda and Addy after the game. Note the Phils congratulating each other. Thought I'd point that out (Larry and Derek).

We went with Bryant and Brianna, now in Wisconsin. Why would anyone want to live in Wisconsin? Really!

Work It Addy! Work the Camera!

Ok Addy, we're gonna' take some pics in this bonnet. Ready?

No, Addy! Let go of the camera!

Up here, Addy! Stop looking at your feet!

No, don't look at Mommy, look at Daddy! Over here, Sweety!

Oh, cute! Amanda, fix her bonnet. I can't see her other eye.

Ok, Addy, now give us the 'I'm not interested' look. Fabulous!

Ok, now right at the camera! Perfect!

Oh, now stick your tounge out and smile!

Now, a full body shot! Hey! Can't we get some pants on this kid? Work with me people!

Oh great. Just great! She found her feet again. That's a wrap.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Had to Do It

I guess J thought this toy looked too fun to pass up. Funny thing is, he got stuck.

Our little boy. Can you tell that Daddy dressed Addison? She looks good in the midnight green.

Amanda's Trip to Chicago and Wisconsin

Relaxing on the chair with cousin Joshua.

This one is too funny. A thorn between two roses.

Impossible to get all three to look at the camera at the same time. We have about ten different versions of this one.

Addison loved her... um... what do you call these things? Oh yeah, it's a keeps-them-quiet-but-it's-noisy-light-flashing-practice-using-the-legs-walker-chair.

Grandma is playing keep-away from Addy. Not nice Grandma!
Who said men can't multi-task?

Addison and Great-Grandma Lucy. This one's a keeper.

Great-Grandpa Len's turn.
Sorry for the blurryness (Manda's fault). Apparently, Addison swung her arm and hit Joshua in the eye, which he didn't appreciate too much. Caleb's got the 'Oh brother!' look going.