Sunday, April 13, 2008

Work It Addy! Work the Camera!

Ok Addy, we're gonna' take some pics in this bonnet. Ready?

No, Addy! Let go of the camera!

Up here, Addy! Stop looking at your feet!

No, don't look at Mommy, look at Daddy! Over here, Sweety!

Oh, cute! Amanda, fix her bonnet. I can't see her other eye.

Ok, Addy, now give us the 'I'm not interested' look. Fabulous!

Ok, now right at the camera! Perfect!

Oh, now stick your tounge out and smile!

Now, a full body shot! Hey! Can't we get some pants on this kid? Work with me people!

Oh great. Just great! She found her feet again. That's a wrap.


the boyd family said...

your commentary was hilarious! wait until you have more than 1 to get looking at the camera! takes FOREVER!

Kaylan said...

Brad you are stinkin Hilarious! I love the commentary too! I love that little hat on her!