Sunday, May 25, 2008

Martha's Graduation

Well, we had to go swimming at the hotel.

I can't tell if she's scared or happy. Either way it's cute. Addy did great in the water.
After the ceremony. Addison looks good in Aunt Martha's cap.

Family pic.


That's the best caption I could come up with. Any help?

Amanda and Mom at the restaurant.

Drinkin' from a big girl cup.

After a lot of food, including two Triples, and the Kentucky Derby, it was time for a pic.

Back in PA, we went golfing/driving at Leisure Lanes. Amanda dared Rylan to climb the elephant. Rylan obliged.

The animals were frisky. All I wanted was a bear hug.

Spring Time Pics

Some random pics from Spring.
The view from outside our guest room. It's something to look forward to every year.

Look what we found in the laundry. Tumble dry low...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Out of the bath and into the robe.

Addy's first Barnstormers game. Just like her mother...not interested.

At Dutch Wonderlands Sneak Preview. Don't know what she's looking at, but she's fixated.

At Hersheypark's Sneak Preview. Mmm...Twizzlers...

Laying a big wet one on Daddy at Hersheypark.

Shhh...She's Sleeping...

Let me tell you, this girl loves her sleep. She has since day one.
Playing with her toys...out.

Thirty seconds after she sits on Daddy's lab...out.

Sitting with Mommy...out.

She sleeps like Mommy. Except Mommy doesn't have a mullet. Hey, it's gradually fading away.