Sunday, May 25, 2008

Spring Time Pics

Some random pics from Spring.
The view from outside our guest room. It's something to look forward to every year.

Look what we found in the laundry. Tumble dry low...

Happy Birthday Daddy!

Out of the bath and into the robe.

Addy's first Barnstormers game. Just like her mother...not interested.

At Dutch Wonderlands Sneak Preview. Don't know what she's looking at, but she's fixated.

At Hersheypark's Sneak Preview. Mmm...Twizzlers...

Laying a big wet one on Daddy at Hersheypark.


the boyd family said...

love that last picture of your big smoooooch! you should blow that up, maybe even make it black and white, and hang it in your house.... super cute!!!

Brianna said...

CRAZY!!! Your spring came about two months after ours did. We're already well into summer. Where was Martha's graduation? Well, we're getting ready to move into our new place here in the next couple weeks so let us know if you're ever in Vegas and we can get together. We miss you guys and all the Lancaster gang!

Jared and Brianna Johnson