Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Know Your Addy Faces...

Though Addison can't talk, she's very good at expressing herself with the faces she makes. Here's an activity so we all can learn them.

This is Addison's "I'm bored" face.

This is her "Ok, I'm feelin' this dress" face.

This is her "Get me off the floor!" face. Very similar to her...

"Get me off the couch!" face.

This would be her "Yeah, I know I have horns on my head. What about it?" face.

This, of course, is her "I'm happy" face. We see it a lot.

This, then, is her "I'm so hungry, I could eat a football" face.

"I'm not sure about those singing Chocolate World cows" face.

The "I'm not sitting by myself, are you nuts?!" face.

"I'm getting sleepy" face.

"Out cold" face.

This is her "Ok, I'll smile for one quick picture" face.
Followed by the...

"Ok, I'm done smiling for one quick picture" face.
And the inevitable...

"Get me away from this damn pumpkin!" face.
"I got my own, but I still don't like pumpkins" face.

And the " That's it I'm done with pumpkins!" face.

Halloween 2008

Ok. We love Halloween. We love the Fall. We had a busy Halloween Week, and yes, it is a week long celebration.

Amanda's friend Chelsea came in from Seattle to visit. We took her to our friends' Kristen and Marc's pumpkin carving party.

Getting Started

Amanda looks like she's enjoying this a little too much.


The finished product. Guess who did what!

We also took Chelsea to Hersheypark in the Dark.
Thanks to child-swap, Chelsea got to ride everything twice.

Waiting for Mommy and Chelsea to get off of Fahrenheit.

Amanda and Chels on Storm Runner

On the train.

Taking some pics by the Kissing Tower

This is Addy and Mia at the Church Trunk-or-Treat.

Mommy and Addison were Bumble Bees.

Addison and Sophia. They're buddies.

Addison and Grandpa. I can't believe my mom gets him to wear that thing.

We went to find Addison a pumpkin, and it was really pretty there. So we took some Fall pictures. More later...

I love this one.

Back at the house for our Trick-or-Treat Night Party.
She was ok with the costume.

Getting the porch ready. We were a hit again.

Rasheed and Addison. Rasheed came as Joe Paterno.
True story.

My two BEEauties.
Hey, get that bee away from the movies!

Everyone that comes to the party must bobb for apples.

Go get it, Amanda!

It took her a while, but she did it.

Getting Comfortable

So, Amanda went in to check on her and...

Note the left foot.

She really looks comfy.

Here's a better angle. That leg is straight up!

Toys, Toys, Toys!

Addison would like to just take a moment and thank everyone for all of the toys she's received.

It's Football Season!

So far the Birds are 5-3 (6-3, after they demolish the Giants this weekend - a game I am attending). Addison has no choice but to be an Eagles fan. She's my daughter, so her blood has to be green too.

Getting ready for an Eagles primetime game.


TOUCHDOWN! Yep, she's brainwashed.

Sooo happy! I can't wait until she can spell.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

In Case You Forgot...

This is Addison.
I know, it's been so long.

Catching Up On Summer

Ok! I have a ton of pictures from the summer to share with everyone.
So here goes...

Addison in the big house. "I didn't do it I tells ya'!"

'Manda took this one. I thought it was blog-worthy.


Addy, much like baby Amanda, likes to sleep with the toosh up in the air. Now that I think about it, grown-up Amanda somethimes does the same.

Happy Birthday Amanda! We went to Longhorn to celebrate...

...with all of these people!

Happy Birthday! Here's a dirty plate for you!

Off to Long's Park!

"What is that thing?"

Oh, it's a camera! Cheese!

Addy and Uncle Jim

I got this one in my office.

Addy and Haley at Zac and Kaylan's.

Too cute for words.

Group shot!

Dorney Park

If you look close, that's me hanging over the edge on Steel Force.

Addison had to have a life vest on in the wave pool.
She looks like Darth Vader when they took his helmet off.

Say goodbye to the Civic!
Oil change much, Amanda?
We miss it (and it's mpg!).
Say hello to the Pilot!
Amanda got her wish, and we got a steal. It's a very sexy car. A perfect match!
We took Addy to Dutch Wonderland with the Knarr clan. So pretty!

And sooo funny!

Day trip to the Delaware shore.

Cute candid.

Not liking the water so much...
I forgot how chubby those thighs were!

Brett and I went for a kayak ride on the open sea.
Ok, it was just off-shore.

In August we had a little goodbye get-together for Heather and Gary, and Tommy.

Addison and her friend Haley.

At Hersheypark with Mommy. That just doesn't look comfortable.

Addison's new dress.

This is Addisons first trick, learned at 8 months. We practiced very hard for it...
Ready, Addy?
Yay! Good Girl!

So, in September we took a much needed trip to the beach.
We had a camera this time. (Amanda broke the other one the last time around.)

The sun was setting when we made it down there. It made for a nice picture from the hotel balcony. This shot is to make my brothers jealous that I live close to the beach, and they don't.

On the boardwalk that night. We thought this made for a nice photo op.

This is the next day. Addy's zonked out, mullet and all.

Wide awake and ready for some pics.

Thought this one was cute. She actually liked the water this time around.

Going out to ride some waves. The water was great. We left Addison with a sea gull.

Ok, we went down with Denny and Judy.

A nice family pic by the ocean.

Aw gees! Addy! No!
Back at the pool. Addy's like Mommy - they like the pool better than the ocean.

Dinner at Groff's. You gotta love that face!