Wednesday, November 5, 2008

It's Football Season!

So far the Birds are 5-3 (6-3, after they demolish the Giants this weekend - a game I am attending). Addison has no choice but to be an Eagles fan. She's my daughter, so her blood has to be green too.

Getting ready for an Eagles primetime game.


TOUCHDOWN! Yep, she's brainwashed.

Sooo happy! I can't wait until she can spell.


the boyd family said...

Kylie wants her Aunt and Uncle to know that "Eagles stink!" She really feels sorry for Addison and the supposed green blood she has. When she gets older, she will face reality and realize the other family team has lost more Superbowls than the Eagles have been to! Go 'Skins!

the boyd family said...

Nicole would like you to know that the previous comment was not her. And that you must be Redskin fans since the game is on in the background! (this is Matt too, she wanted me to say it again!)