Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Year's 2008

The 2nd year of our New Year's Eve party with (clockwise from top left) Bryan and Rose, Brad and Amanda, Miranda, Marc and Kristen, Heather and Gary, and Aaron and Justin (don't ask, don't tell). I kid. Sorry about the flash.
When Aaron reads the caption above, he will make a face similar to this.

Geather and Harry, I mean, Heather and Gary.

Getting ready to play some Tecmo Super Bowl. Nice.
Trying to keep Addison awake for her first New Years.
No dice. She is zonked out. Good thing Aunt Rose didn't mind.
Bryan took a break from taking pictures to get one taken with Rose. Judy and Denny stopped by from to watch the Ball drop.
Happy New Year!
Addy was having none of this.

Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas

We invited everyone on the Boyd side over for Christmas morning. We thought it would be nice since we used to do the same with Grammy. It was a good time.

The group picture. Addy was not too happy.

Over at Mom and Dad's. Bryan and Rose open their gifts.

Aaron is surrounded by his pile.

Dad got a new watch. It's no digital video camera, but we thought it was nice.

Mom opens her gift while Addison looks on.

Four beautiful blondes at Grandma and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve. It's always fun. Where's that kid's other shoe? Who's kid is that?

We opened gifts on Christmas Eve. We had to pass the baby back and forth as we took turns opening, since Addison was not feeling the bouncer at that moment.

Brad's turn to open a present. Amanda's turn to hold the baby. Brad's turn to take a picture.

Addy's Visitors

The Holiday Season brings people around. Addison had her fair share of visitors. Uncle Justin was one of the firsts to stop by to see her. She had to wear her Eagles gear for the occasion.

Uncle Jim's been by on several occasions. He told us she's irresistible. (He hasn't heard her scream yet.)

Uncle Bryan told us he "doesn't do newborns". I'd have to agree. BAZIIING!

I thought 'The Hills' was over? I guess Megan and Ashley can still come visit.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

From the Past Month

Just so everyone is aware, the Eagles are undefeated since Addison was born.

Santa sent us one of his little helpers. She didn't last too long.

A lot of times, Addy has a real concerned look on her face. Something like this.

Another concerned look. It's like she's asking, "You guys sure you know what you're doing?" She'll grow into this hoodie.

She really loves bathtime... or being naked. She is Brad's daughter afterall.


"Wait! Don't take it yet! I'm not ready!"

I don't know what she is looking at, but Amanda had great timing on this one. I apologize for not updating in so long. Life's been busy and I've been lazy. We'll try to do better.