Saturday, January 19, 2008

New Year's 2008

The 2nd year of our New Year's Eve party with (clockwise from top left) Bryan and Rose, Brad and Amanda, Miranda, Marc and Kristen, Heather and Gary, and Aaron and Justin (don't ask, don't tell). I kid. Sorry about the flash.
When Aaron reads the caption above, he will make a face similar to this.

Geather and Harry, I mean, Heather and Gary.

Getting ready to play some Tecmo Super Bowl. Nice.
Trying to keep Addison awake for her first New Years.
No dice. She is zonked out. Good thing Aunt Rose didn't mind.
Bryan took a break from taking pictures to get one taken with Rose. Judy and Denny stopped by from to watch the Ball drop.
Happy New Year!
Addy was having none of this.

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BreezyHess said...

These pics are absolutely adorable. I can't believe how much Addy has changed in only a month. Hope all is well.