Saturday, July 11, 2009

Amanda's Birthday

Amanda turned the big 2-5 on July 1st. She is officially closer to 30 than to 20. We still had family in town so, we spent about an hour at Dutch Wonderland so Addy could play with her cousins. Amanda had a rough day. More on that later...
If it's your bithday, you need to take the obigatory picture by the Dutch Wonderland birthday cake.
Show me the two and the five!

Uncle Matt got Addy to finally go down the little waterslide.
She just doesn't like the water right now.

Kylie, Addison, and Kacey walking back from the water area.
These next few pics were so cute, I couldn't pass them up.

I think this one is my favorite.

Another. Cute, right?

So, Amanda had an appointment for a root canal on July 2nd (the day after her birthday). But she woke up on July 1st (her birthday) in such pain, that she called to get it done then and there.
So, yes, Amanda had a root canal on her birthday.
She came home very groggy and in a lot of pain. But she took a Vicodin and toughed it out.
Of course, the Vicodin made her very sick. We tried to go out to dinner with family and friends, but it wasn't happening.
Amanda felt horrible that we had to leave.

We came home and this next picture pretty much sums it all up.

This is Amanda, sick, but smiling with her gift. We had a bet a while back to see who could lose 15 pounds the fastest. The winner got $200 to spend on whatever. Well, Amanda clearly won, and I couldn't bear the thought of her spending $200 on clothes, so I spent it for her, and got her a 16 gig I-Pod Touch. Her original I-Pod struggles to hold a charge, and well, she deserves it.
25 is a big birthday.

On Thursday, we had people over for a cook-out and cake.
Amanda was feeling better, and we had a good turn-out.
Here Kylie's making big bubbles for the kids.

Our neighbor let us use his swing set, as there were nine kids running around. Addy loves it. "Sing! Sing!" she says.
(which is 'swing' in Addy-talk).

What is it with kids and bubbles anyway?

Kacey took a break from the bubbles to hold her second cousin Macie, who is getting huge!

Kylie has a new found interest in guitars, and was very excited to find out that Uncle Brad had one.
Start the guitar lessons!

I wanted to get Amanda a special cake for her special day.
Willow Valley did a great job with it.
Blowing out the candles. Keep Addy's hands away from this cake.
(see previous posts)

Seriously, it was hard for me to cut up the cake.
One, it was a beautiful cake.
And two, I had to cut through my wife and child's faces.

So, I asked Amanda what she really wanted to do for her birthday night, and she said "Brad, I just want to play Nintendo."
Not the answer I was looking for, but hey, it's her day.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Wildwood 2009

Matt, Nicole, the girls, Bryan, and Rose all flew in from out west for the yearly Boyd excursion to the shore in good old Wildwood, NJ. We spend 4 nights down in what we have declared as our condo (which is very nice - top floor and one block off the beach). We spent three full days down there, and the pictures are divided up accordingly.
Day 1

Addy was very excited about her "wag" as she calls it.

Addy and Grandpa relaxing on the patio.

A family pic looking out at the beach.

Here's a better look at what the patio looks like.

A look at the kitchen/living area. Very big. The condo has 4 bedrooms and 4 baths as well.

Tuesday night we went up to Ocean City. Addison, we found out, is not a big fan of rides that go up.
She is, however, a fan of cars.
Good luck pulling her out of this one when the ride's over.

"Or-see! Or-see!"
Which is Addy for "Horse-y! Horse-y!"
I look thrilled, I know.

Later, we headed back down to Wildwood, along the scenic coastal road, and ate on the roof at Stewart's. Good food, great atmosphere.

Amanda and me

This is the view from our patio of the neon signs of some of the old motels down the beachfront in Wildwood Crest.

Day 2

Mommy and Addy at the beach.

Addison was not liking the water too much.

Grandpa playing skyball with the girls.

Addison really got into the ladderball balls.
No one else was allowed to play.

Up on the boardwalk again, Addy had her first driving lesson.

This is advertised as the world's tallest High Striker game. I never seem to have a problem with it. Aaron generally gets it. Bryan and Matt struggle.

See? I win.

Addy, who's daddy is the strongest?

"Eh-fant?" which would be 'elephant'.
She wasn't sure about these either, especially when they took off.

Addy and Mommy again, this time doing some pretend driving.

This is one of my favorite spots in Wildwood - the boccie courts. We've become big boccie fans in recent years. There are two courts there. One is open to the public, and the other always has these old men listening to old italian music, playing until the wee hours of the morning. They are fun to watch.

Aaron got me a nice boccie set a few years ago.
Here Bryan takes a turn.

Aaron tosses.

Rose wasn't half-bad.

What form! What grace!

Amanda's turn.
Aaron, you're so silly.

Group shot!

Afterwards we took a walk down the renovated fishing pier.
Our shadows made for a nice picture against the water.
Good call, Amanda.
Day 3

Addy and Kacey got packed into the wagon with the rest of the beach stuff.

This picture was too cute to pass up.
Addison loooves her cousin Kacey.

Bryan, Rose, and Amanda looking for the perfect wave.

By the third day, Addison was brave enough to take her sandals off and play in the sand.

Family pictiure back at the condo.

Addy and Amanda
"Watch the tram car please!"

We headed off on our own for a bit, to the end of the waterpark on Morey's Pier.
This might be my favorite picture of the trip.

This one is a little hazy, but it's cute nonetheless.

Riding the boats with her cousins.
Ring the bell, Addy!

Addison was ok on this little ferris wheel, probably because she spotted Mommy with the camera. She's getting more brave.

Another family picture, this one on the boardwalk.

Bryan and Addy after some ice cream.
We always stop for ice cream on the way home at Richmann's Dairy.
Good stuff.