Sunday, May 25, 2008

Martha's Graduation

Well, we had to go swimming at the hotel.

I can't tell if she's scared or happy. Either way it's cute. Addy did great in the water.
After the ceremony. Addison looks good in Aunt Martha's cap.

Family pic.


That's the best caption I could come up with. Any help?

Amanda and Mom at the restaurant.

Drinkin' from a big girl cup.

After a lot of food, including two Triples, and the Kentucky Derby, it was time for a pic.

Back in PA, we went golfing/driving at Leisure Lanes. Amanda dared Rylan to climb the elephant. Rylan obliged.

The animals were frisky. All I wanted was a bear hug.


Adam & Samantha said...

That Polar Bear had herself a handful_Adam

Hansen Family said...

She's so cute and such a good, happy baby! That's what I hear from everyone back there too. You are lucky :)
PS Love your navy blue outfit with the red ribbon! So cute!