Tuesday, January 12, 2010

5 Months - Really?

Well, it's been a long time since I last posted, and for that I apologize. A lot has happened and changed since the last time, and this will be my effort to catch up. There are a lot of pictures in this update, so take your time. But take time to see what we've been up to for the past 5 months.


Some quick pics from a Phillies game that Brad, Dad, Aaron and Justin went to in August. We sat through over an hour of rain delays, but it was worth it to see the Phils win and to see Ryan Howard hit two home runs. This is a picture of the second.

Group shot, and we thank Justin for the great seats.


Kristina, Amanda's friend from Michigan, came for a visit. It was great seeing her again. We did all of the obligatory "coming to PA for the first time" stuff with her like Hersheypark and the beach.

Addy cheeses at Red Robin in Hershey.

With the singing cows in Chocolate World.

On the train at Hersheypark.

We even spent two nights at the shore. Here Kristina and Addy pose on the boardwalk.

Daddy gives Addy a ride on his shoulders, while she gives Curly the french fry the same.

Posing for a group shot by the Wildwoods sign.

Addison thought sitting on the giant beach ball was a blast.

At the end of the old, but refurbished, but still-too-short fishing pier. The beaches grow in Wildwood.

A birds-eye-view of Brad and Addy in the hot tub. I love this picture because of the little footprints that loop around the left side.

We went for a bike ride on the boards before we left. Addy and my parents took a surrey (sp?). Amanda and I opted for these wicked cool low-riders.

Addy thought the low-riders were too cool to pass up.

Pausing for a pic at the other end of the boardwalk.

Amanda's grandparents, Bill and Donna, also came for a visit at the end of the month. We were glad to have them, and Addy had a fun time with "Gamma Donna and Gampa Bill".

We took them for a spin on the Strasburg Railroad.

Say Cheese!

Grandma Donna and Addison.
This one's a keeper.

The train did put Addy to sleep, though.

We took Addison to Cherry Crest Farms to see the animals.

Addy's favorites were the little chicks. She actually touched them!

Don't know why, but we turned around and found Addison sitting on a pumpkin.

I wanted to conquer my claustrophopia.
Is this thing safe?

Whew! I made it!
(yeah right - I couldn't fit)

Which one is the real Addy?

Addison kept her distance from most of the bigger animals.

I just love the way Addy looks at Amanda sometimes.

A family picture on the way out.
"No Addy, don't eat the corn."

We took a trip to Tennessee also in October, to visit our friends Jarom and Alixa, and to go Dollywood - a place that has been on Brad's list for some time.

First things first when we got to the park.
25 cent showers? How could we pass that up?
Amanda was a bit shy.

Since Amanda doesn't do spinning rides, Alixa rode this one with me.

Amanda and Alixa used this ride to warm up a bit. It was cold!

Addy wouldn't sit here by herself. It made for a cute picture.

Holding Daddy's hat while he rides a roller coaster.

Family picture by the mill.

Addy was thrilled to ride a bunny on the carousel.

Daddy rode the 'efalants' with Addison.

Proving that Amanda can ride spinning rides when someone other that Brad is involved.

Posing with the old cars in the '50's' section of the park.
I'm so cool.

Taking a picture next to the Sun Sphere at the former World's Fair grounds in Knoxville.
Wasn't this on a Simpsons episode?

We went up to the top, and it was a nice view. But someone needs to keep the birds out, paticularly the dead ones.
Amanda's going to yell at me when she sees this picture.

A picture from the top (the non-dead-bird side.)

With some orange guy.
(we were close to the University of Tennessee)

We took a self-guided tour of Neyland Stadium.
Hi Amanda!

Cute picture, helping Addy down to the field level.

Chillin' on the steps.

A funny bumper-sticker that I wanted to share.

They stole my nickname!
To the left is an old couple that walked out as we drove by.
Bravo! Good for them.
Getting ready for trunk-or-treat at church with Wonder Woman and Exercise Girl.

Fly Wonder Woman, fly!
Wait, shouldn't she have an invisible jet?

Addy and Mia like each other's costumes.

I win the award for coolest trunk... again.

Amanda and Rylan pause for a picture.
Since the Eriksons were in town, we decide to visit Philadelphia. Here we are at Penn's Landing, which is much more hopping when it's warmer, I'd imagine.

Over by the Liberty Bell.
I love this picture of Addison looking back at her mommy.

Another family pic, blocking the bell for some reason.

We were taking so many pictures, Addison thought she should be in them. As you can see, nobody wanted to take pictures on the non-cracked side.
After the Liberty Bell, we headed over to the Museum of Art to run the steps and take a picture of Rocky.

Heading up toward the steps.

Larry took this one once we got to the top.

Addison doing her Rocky impression.

Relaxing on the steps of the museum.
After we were done in Philly, we hurried home to get ready for trick-or-treat night.

Amanda poses with the resident monster.
Addy still doesn't like the costume.

Addy, Halie and Cori posing before heading out for candy.

Wrapping up the night with Halloween pajamas.
"So cute, it's scary!"


Brad, Justin, and Marc headed down to the Eagles-Giants game on November 1st. It wasn't pretty for Justin.
Here you can see the likes of Michael Vick (coat), DeSean Jackson, Jeremy Maclin, and Brian Westbrook (in black).

A nice view of the stadium.

And... the final score. Like I said, it wasn't pretty.

Addy and I went out to play in the leaves a bunch.


Addy sports her Westbrook jersey for an Eagles game.

This was funny. We came out to the living room, hearing Addy freaking out.
We found her like this. I don't know how she managed to squeeze into her mini shopping cart but she did. We managed to calm her down enough to take a picture.


Went to Hersheypark Candylane with Mom and Dad for Mom's birthday.
Addy loves her carousels.

She almost measures up to Kisses!

We saw Santa at church. Addison actually did well.
Mia - not so much.
Helping Daddy straighten the tree.

Putting the 'starfish' on top.
Addison learned 'starfish' before 'star' and so all stars are starfish.

Hanging the ornaments.

The finished product, with Grinch in hand.

Next came Addy's birthday. We had her party on the 10th, since Amanda had something going on, on the 11th. Addy was so excited for her party that she didn't take a nap...

...but fell asleep in the high chair while eating dinner.

Smile, Birthday Girl!

All of the ladies at the party (at least 'til this point).
Katie, Julia, Addison, Sofia, and Macie.

...Happy Birthday, dear Addy! Happy Birthday to you!...

Enjoying some cake.

Addison was thrilled (as you can see) to get a Handy Manny tool set!
She loves to help Daddy fix things.

Addy got this cute apron from Carolann.
So she pretended to make cookies.

And she couldn't wait to get her tools out.
On her actual birthday, Addison and I spent some quality time together, first at Dutch Wonderland...

She wasn't too sure about the Frog Hopper. It was funny. I held her hand, and every time it dropped, I felt a little squeeze.

Another carousel picture.
Can't get enough!

Afterward, we hit Friendly's for some chicken and french fries, and of course a conehead sundae.

Mmmm... ice cream.

Oh dear... "Sorry Mommy, I got chocolate all over my white shirt."

So, after the beatdown in Philly, Justin and I were able to head to New York in December for the rematch at Giants Stadium, the last Eagles-Giants game held there.

This is a nice view, but the place has become a dump, much like the old Vet, in Philly. So, it's coming down this spring.
Do you think they'll find Jimmyy Hoffa? They have to look, right?

Justin and me at happier times - when it looked like the Giants might pull it off.
Not quite. Eagles win again.
Later on in December, I felt like chocolate chip cookies, so I enlisted Addison's help.
"Thank you for your help, Addy, but eggs go into the bowl."

That's better. Into the bowl.

Smile with Mommy!

And set the timer for a family pic!

We had a huge snow storm in December as well.
We got 15 inches at the house, as you will see below.
Looking out from a snow-covered deck.
Check out the grill.

Looking out front from upstairs.

Getting ready to go exploring.
Addy didn't like the snow last year...

She was ok watching me shovel.
(so was Amanda - from inside)

But, Addy didn't like the snow from a sitting position.
Look at that face...

The next day I cleared off most of the deck.
You can really see the snow depth on the picnic table.
Christmas Time
First, at Grandma's and Grandpa's on Christmas Eve.

Another family picture.
Nice face, Addy.

We really pack 'em in at Grandma's.

Leah got the first of our gag gifts.
I think she was only upset that it was too big.

Travis got the other - this hairy green monkey vest.

Aaron got a roll of toilet paper. Thad was wondering why were were all fighting over this one.
This would come in handy later...

Say hi, Grandpa!

Six beautiful blondes

As I was saying earlier, the toilet paper came in handy.

Thad was a good sport. He'll think twice about bringing toilet paper for the white elephant game.

Addy and Mia
"Mia, Sweetie, that's not a phone. That's Grandpa's chair remote."

Back at the house, Amanda needed to make some last minute Christmas cookies...
...not without Addison's help.

All done!

Nice and quiet on Christmas Eve.

Ask Addy what Christmas is about and she'll give you an enthusiastic "PRESENTS!"
We'll work on that one.

The aftermath...

Christmas morning family pic.
Nice hair, Brad.
On to my parents house!

We all went in to get my dad an iPod Touch.
It made his year. I think I saw a tear.

Amanda was happy to get a GPS from my parents.
Now she can't get lost, even when I tell her to.

Addy and Aunt Rosie.
Over to Uncle Jim's to visit with my dad's side of the family.

Uncle Tom with Macie.

Addy takes a moment to pose with her loot.

Macie and Addison

We finished up at Grandma's and Grandpa's again.
I got Grandma some Jello Pudding Pops, which she loves.
I even wrapped them!

A bunch of us Rittenhouse cousins went out to Chili's.

New Year's Party. Good turn out this year. It was fun.

Toasting the new year with my girl.

Addison has never liked getting the dual New Year's kiss from Mommy and Daddy.
(see last year's and the previous year's)

One last family picture for the new year.
Well, that was a pain (updating so much). It took me about 4 hours.
We'll try to do better in 2010.


Rosanne Boyd said...

Looks like you guys have had lots of fun!! love the pictures!!

Bekah and Jim said...

My gosh Amanda! You just might have the cutest little girl in the world. Love her smile!! You guys have had a fun year looks like!

Shalane said...

Hey Amanda, I didn't know you had a blog either! It was fun to see what you guys have been up to, and Addison is seriously so dang cute. Congrats to you too on the pregnancy, we are both due in June!

dadTB said...

What did the momma tomato say to the lagging behind baby tomato?... Stomping her foot down, "Catch Up!"

Good catch up, Brad and Amanda!

We enjoyed the pictorial of our favorite nephew [Shhhhhh! -We tell all of them that ;-)] and his lovely family.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom