Monday, February 2, 2009

New Year's 2009

So, let me preface this whole post by saying that while we spent 10 days in Chicago, I enjoyed not having to shave. I could join my beloved Eagles in growing a playoff beard, not shaving until they lost.

Well, upon returning home, I knew I could not return to work looking like I did. But, I remembered way back when my boss told me that a mustache was appropriate for work, but nothing else. So, I shaved it all except for what became my playoff mustache.

I know what you're all thinking..."Sexy".

On to the New Year's photos...

Speaking of sexy...

Really speaking of sexy...
Mitch and Aaron enjoying the festivities of what turned out to be a 'quaint' party.

Sexy has taken on a whole new meaning here.

This shirt was a gag gift that Amanda and Ashley gave to Justin, who attended but managed to remain un-photographed. Since, I had the sexy mustache, I figured I'd go for the - shall we say - 'I put the GRRR in Swinger, Baby' look.
Man, that's a hideous picture.

We got Addy up for the stroke of midnight. She even had a sip of the Martinelli's. She was much more into it than last year.


Back to this year.
Addy pauses for a pic before she goes back to bed.
You can still see the sleep in her eyes.

The off us toasting the New Year.
Ugh, remind me to never grow a mustache again.

So, New Year's Eve came and went. The next day we went to my parents to exchange Christmas gifts. Addy got spoiled.

She progressively got good at opening gifts. At her birthday, she was clueless. By New Year's, she was a pro.

Her new Little People's Amusement Park, a toy she and her daddy can enjoy!

As if she's saying, "Come on, Mom, this is really getting old!"

"What is it?!" It's a Super Star stage and mirror.
You should see her sing into the microphone!

Lastly, this is Mom opening her two new books, full of photos from our last two family beach trips. She loved them. So did Aaron.


the boyd family said...

Mom and Dad let everyone in the living room? Wow! That carpet hasn't seen people in years!

heatherhite said...

Yes, Brad, that picture IS hideous. *Memo to you: Don't grow another moustache.

BreezyHess said...

Wow, I see that thinghs haven't changed too much. lol You guys look great, the stache looks a little outa place but we'll let it slide. Hope all is well miss you guys.

Rosanne Boyd said...

Not a big fan of the mustache...Addison is still as cute as ever!! Looks like you guys had a fun new years, wish we could have been there!

the boyd family said...

okay, i was going to say something about the living room also but matthew beat me to it! looks like addison got lots of fun stuff for Christmas :) see you guys soon! :)

oh and the mustache is horrible brad, seriously it's the freaky uncle from napoleon dynamite.