Monday, February 2, 2009

It Was the Best of Times, It Was the Worst of Times...

So, after what was one of the greatest days of my life, December 28th, when the Eagles beat the Cowboys to make the playoffs, I decided that my current game-viewing options just were not up to par.
I had to watch the first Eagles playoff win against the Vikings at work, and I decided for the rematch versus the Giants, I needed something better, since I was going to be home and have people over. So, I used some Christmas money and bought a new TV.
I got it at Costco the day before the game. I wanted a Vizio, with the 120Hz refreshing speed, but they were sold out. Not willing to wait until they got more in, and not willing to watch the Eagles/Giants game on my old TV, I got the next best thing.

It's a Sharp Aquos 46" LCD. It has a lot of great features, and is extra thin.

I still have the plastic on it in case I find a better deal. Costco has a wonderful no-questions-asked 90-day return policy. But, I think I'm gonna keep it.

These two pictures, by the way, are from that same Eagles/Giants game, just after the Eagles put them away with a 4th quarter touchdown.

Marc and I enjoyed the game. It felt like this was our year...finally.

Me and my son, Addison. He, I mean, she loves the Eagles.

Seriously, is this what our son will look like?

Marc, Kristen, Amanda, and me after the game.

I said it was the worst of times too... because next week brought the NFC Championship Game.
Deja Vu all over again.
I don't have any pics from the game. I was too depressed to take any.
Amanda managed to take a few.

This is Kory Swavely, Zac and Kaylan's new baby. They brought her over to meet everyone.

As you can see, she has more hair than Addison already.

January 18th was also Kristen's birthday, which we found enough positive energy after the game to celebrate.

Addy didn't care about the game, just give her some cake!


Adam and Samantha said...

Your sorta crazy for thinking it was the Eagles year...but that's coming from a Cardinals fan...I gave you a tribute on our blog.

the boyd family said...

What an ugly shade of green! I am calling it right now...the Eagles have a "Battery" and "Santa" curse. They throw batteries at people on the field and boo Santa.

Kylie and Kacey want to make sure you know the Eagles Stink and they will say it for you when you come visit.

the boyd family said...

oh, and you know Kadyn will learn how to say "Eagles Stink" whenever she starts talking.

the boyd family said...

okay that wasn't me... all him. i think this is going a little too far. kylie and kacey had a little friend over this morning and (no lie) they were teaching her to say "eagles stink."