Sunday, August 10, 2008

OK! Let's Get Caught Up...

From late Spring...
Happy Mother's Day Mommy!

Amanda and Addison are sporting their new dresses.

By 5 months Addy had grown to be very flexible and interested in her piggies.

Some pics from Memorial Day. Of course, Addy has an outfit for it.

Sooo Big!

As you can see, the hair has still not come in yet.

She does love her mommy, though. Memorial Day came and went, just in time for...


Before surgery #1.

I woke up on May 29th with this sharp pain in the lower right side of my back. Within an hour I was rolling/tossing/turning on the bed. Ibuprofen, hot pads - nothing would help. I knew I had stones, and I already passed one. I called my urologist and went in the same day. I got a shot of vicodin (nice) with a scrip (nice). I was scheduled for surgery the next day, as this new stone was too big to pass (1 cm).

Well, surgery #1 didn't work. They left me with a stent from my kidney to my bladder, peeing burning red pee for 2 weeks. Not fun. During the two week period, I sat around at home, not allowed to work. We went to the beach for a few days with the family, but I was unable to walk much. Surgery #2 was successful, but it left me with another stent and burning pee for another week.

How nice it was to pee normally after 3 weeks of pain! You know what they don't miss something until it's gone.

JJ and Marika's reception. (stent in place)

Addison's first time eating baby food. This was also some time in May. She knows what she likes and dislikes you will see in a future post.

Chillin' in the rocking chair at Grandma and Grandpa's.


Marika said...

Your poor wiener! I'm glad you got better, though, we were worried about

I'm sad y'all aren't coming to Vegas, at least this time around.

marika (and john)

PS we have a blog now..., it's not very interesting.

dadTB said...

Hello Brad, Amanda, and Little Addison...

What an ordeal that you went through. I know that you weren't too chipper during it all.

God bless and I we hope that everything is good on the home front.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom