Saturday, August 30, 2008

At the Beach...Oh Wait.

Quick story. We were down at the beach with the family. We took a ton of pictures. Then, one evening - the last evening, someone who will remain nameless, decided a good place to set the camera was on top of a moving stroller.

Let's call this person "A. Boyd". No, that's too obvious. Let's call her "Amanda B".

Anyway, "Amanda B." didn't like that old camera very much, and had expressed many times that she would like a new one. Well, said camera all of the sudden "fell" off the stroller and I kicked it in mid walk, as I was pushing the stroller. A tram car "happened" to be passing by, under which the camera landed.

Smash went the tire over the camera. Crack went the memory card. Gone were the pictures from the shore.

To Circuit City went Brad. Home came Brad with a new camera. Enjoy the pics and videos!

Oh, and this is Amanda when I showed her what I bought...

1 comment:

Amy said...

smart move Amanda. I wish I thought of that! :)