Tuesday, December 18, 2007

One Week Old

Thanks to Grandma and Grandpa Boyd for the swing! Addison absolutely loves it. If she's fussy, we just put her in the swing and she falls right asleep.
Uncle Thad came over to meet little Addison on Sunday. He said he wants another one. Sue?
Grandma Joy helped out a ton the past 5 days. Here she's helping with the baby announcement photo shoot.
First bath. She doesn't look too happy here, but she was actually very calm throughout the entire process. She had the cutest little shivers when we got her out.
Here are my two favorite ladies in the world. Addy is all nice and warm after the bath.


Brianna said...

I'm so impressed that you are posting pictures. It would be months to hear or see what was going on with some other men I know (Dusty!). I'm so glad you're enjoying your little one. Have a good Christmas!

the boyd family said...

she's just precious!

Amy said...

we want to see you guys and little cutie, so let us know when you will be ready for company :)

Adam & Samantha said...

She is soo cute, totally takes after Amanda, just kidding Brad!

Jared & Emily Mack said...

Congrats on the new kid!

Brianna said...

So, how was Addison's Christmas? New Year? We haven't seen or heard too much from you guys! Maybe it's time to think of updating!!! :D

dadTB said...

The pics are precious. Thank you for sharing them with us. Uncle Thad looks like he's enjoying the whole experience.

Hey nephew... Come on over to Uncle Tom's blog and see some of the pics I took from fishing trips of 2007. I also have my first big smallmouth fro 2008 posted.

Love, Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom