Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Update! 3 Months Full!

Getting caught up from the past 3 months.
I will do it in 61 pictures and captions.
Here we go...

Addy and her hat.
She used to hate things on her head. But, since about March, she's been all about hats.

I love her face in this one. "You talkin' to me?"

In March, Amanda and Addison went down to Maryland to visit her friend Lindsey and her son, Colby. The two had some fun in the play-pen.

I'm not sure how I feel about Addy bathing with boys.
She should at least wait until high school, right?

Also in March, we had a night on the town with Abby. We went to Annie Bailey's.
Not sure where Rob was.
Sometimes I get Amanda and Abby confused.

St. Patrick's Day was the first really nice day of the year - like 80 degrees nice.
Addy took her car for a spin.

We also played on the playground at Rockvale.

This is Addison's first solo attempt on a sliding board. She loves them.

Ugh.. Amanda made me put these up. Amanda and Kristen had to go see the New Kids on the Block when they came to Hershey in March. Gross. Of course, they can't just go to the concert, they have to dress all-80's.
Were they even out of diapers in the 80's?

No words.

Whatever floats her boat...

Amanda, Addison, Kaylan, and Haley (and Cory) took a trip to the Hands On Museum.


Easter Morning
Addison is checking out the pansies that somehow survived the winter.

We had dinner at my parents and took some pics there in her Easter outfit.

One of these people found their Easter basket, and the other is not a very good hider.

Somebody got spoiled... And let me tell you she loves candy.

Some family pics - inside...

... and out.

So... Addy also likes cake a lot - to the point where you can't get near her with it.
This is at my parent's house, celebrating Uncle Jim's birthday.

Later in April we celebrated Daddy's birthday, first at Chili's.

Then, back at the house.
Notice the whole cake thing again.

What did you do...?

Addy gets a kick out of Mommy and Daddy kissing, especially when there's icing involved.

We celebrated at Mom and Dad's the next day.


May brought on a night at the Buchanan Park Carnival. We didn't ride anything, but we definitely enjoyed some carnival food. It must seem that we only feed Addy sugar. That's only half true.

Learning how fun dandelions can be.


Addy thought the big rocks at Buchanon Park were slides. It actually worked.

See? She had fun.

So much fun that we took her to the big slides over at the playground.
She was very brave to tackle this one on her own.

Mother's Day
Thanks to my job, I was nowhere to be found.

But, I was able to sneak Amanda's presents (new patio furniture) on to the front porch.
Notice the new floor too (done by your humble narrator).

Grandma and Grandpa Erickson came in for a visit in May.
We headed over in Inner Harbor after picking them up in Baltimore.

We took a boat tour of the harbor. Addy could not sit still.
She kept trying to climb the fence, saying "Bath! Bath?"

A nice pic looking back at Inner Harbor.

If she can't sit still, walk her around the boat.

Grandma's turn to watch her.
Time out for a family picture.

This would be Addison pouting since Daddy yelled at her for climbing the fence.
Don't tell this girl 'No'. Kinda' like her mother.

Enjoying the ride with Daddy.

Back in Lancaster, we decided to take a buggy ride.
You know, I've lived in Lancaster my whole life, and I'd never ridden in a buggy.

They almost look Amish, don't they?

Addy and Grandpa going for a walk.

Addy and Grandma checking out the animals.

So, after the buggy ride, we decided to see if we could stop by Rocky Springs, where we had our wedding reception four years ago. This is the old roller coaster car.

This is a view from the river, looking back at the old park.
That's the carousel building on the left.

We had dinner at the Horse Inn, which is literally hidden in Lancaster city. That might have been the best steak I've ever had, and I think Larry agreed. I highly recommend it.

Here Addy and I meet little Macie Boyd, my cousin Chris's little girl.

We tried to get Addy to hold her, but she was a little shy.

Amanda and me at Ben and Alyce Larsen's wedding reception.

Sometimes when Mommy is working, Daddy takes Addison to Dutch Wonderland for an hour or so. Addy likes the train.


So, for our anniversary (#4), Amanda and I drove down to Williamsburg, VA. We went skiing at Busch Gardens, where Brad had a little accident. Ok, that was lame. But, we had a great day at the park.

We had lunch at the Festhaus, where Brad had some German sausages, saurkraut, red cabbage, potatoes, and a gigantic piece of cake. Mmmm...

This is one of their newer rides, Griffon, and that would be a 210 foot vertical drop. It was pretty awesome. Even Amanda loved it.

Griffon makes a splash down at the end. I told Amanda to go down and pose for a picture.
Little does she know a wall of water is about to nail her.
We squashed some grapes over in the Italy section of the park.
Ok, not really. That was lame too.
Amanda finally hatched.
Ok, enough with the lame captions.

The next day, we headed over to Colonial Williamsburg. We just walked around and took pictures. This is outside the Governor's Mansion.

We got in a bit of trouble.
I thought public urination was legal in colonial times.


Rosanne Boyd said...

What cute pictures! We are excited to see you guys soon!

dadTB said...

Now that was a lot of catching up to do!

Aunt Julie and I spent our honeymoon and 30th Anniversary in Williamsburg, Va. We just love the place.

Aunt Julie and Uncle Tom