Monday, January 26, 2009

Trimming the Tree

We headed to Chicago for Christmas this year. That didn't mean we couldn't put a tree up in the house. Addison thought the tree was the coolest. Real tree all the way - none of that fake stuff.

She helped put the star on the top.

This was a test shot. I don't remember what we were testing, but we were. Amanda did get a new 'do'. (Is that how you spell hair-do?)

Addison all tangled in the lights. This is before she thought she was stuck.

Helping Mommy put an ornament on the tree.

The end product.

Now it was time to take our Christmas Card picture.
I present... the out takes.

We wanted to take a few of just Addison first.

She was done with that after three pictures.
Let's do a family one quick.

Over here Addy!

No, up here Addison! Uh-oh, she doesn't look happy.

Ok, now you're being silly!
I think we got it!

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