Friday, March 14, 2008

My Girl Addy

Big Girl! We propped her up of course, but she she gets a kick out of 'standing'.

She gets a kick out of Daddy singing 'My Girl' too.

Ok, I remember cousin Kylie making the cutest pouty face before she cried. Addy's got the look down pat, so it must be a Boyd trait. We caught the tail end of the face here.

All smiles after church.

Happy Early Easter! The Pottery Barn had a 'Match the Pet to the Owner' contest. Amanda entered our little bunny.

Addison is fascinated with her hands. She stares at them, and she eats them. She can stick he entire hand in her mouth. We caught her in the act here.

Mommy and Addy taking a nap. Too cute.

Addison (fat rolls and all) relaxing as Molly keeps watch. Molly's very protective.

The shirt says 'Don't Laugh, My Daddy Dressed Me." What? Pink and purple don't go together? After she had a blowout, I put her in a more color coordinated ensamble with green pants. See? When Mommy goes to work, Daddy's just fine.


Adam & Samantha said...

That bunny outfit is so cute!, man she is getting big, love the rolls!!

Dad E. said...

Very cute. Just remember that Amanda is my girl!

Dad E.

heatherhite said...

That one of Amanda and Addy sleeping is so sweet! I love it!

the boyd family said...

good!!! you were able to figure out the music... i told you it wasn't too hard! sorry i couldn't call you back, we had some families over until late, then after clean up/baths/bedtime and i was beat.