Monday, November 26, 2007

Our Little Girl

This is Addison Grace. She's due December 7th. We're very excited and ready for her arrival. This picture is from July. We'll post some real pics real soon.
As you can see, she has Brad's big head (housing a big brain).

Brad at birthing class trying to feel what it's like.
"It's not so bad, Amanda. Suck it up!"


Boyd Family said...

welcome to blogging! i'm so glad you joined the bandwagon.

that picture of brad with a mommy's belly is quite disturbing :) but it's so brad.

can't wait for pictures of the baby!!!!

The High Family- said...

Didn't know you guys have a blog! Love it!! So excited that you will be having your little one soon. Hope you are feeling good. Good luck with everything. Post lots of pics when she comes!!